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Welcome to my blog…. I have blogged before; I can usually keep up with it when I have tons of waiting to do.  You know, Dr.’s appointments, hospital stays, when things interrupt our normally hectic life.  You see, I am a mom, not only a mom, but a wife, and kind of a nurse, and kind of a full time analyst for software development, and a daughter, a sister, a friend, and tons of other stuff.  I am CEO of my life and well, would love to retire and let someone else take over, but don’t seem to have any takers for the position. Let me introduce the rest of the crew, T is my hubby, my best friend, my cheerleader, my sounding board, and the only man in the world that would put up with me this long (yes, my dear friends, that is true love right there.).  Next is S, my son, currently 10 years old going on 16.  S has Type 1 Diabetes (a blog all in itself) and is my sweet mini me.  He has a heart bigger than you could imagine and loves his electronics and playing golf.  He is my loner, but he likes it that way.  Last you have P. Oh, dear little P.  He is my red haired, freckled 5 year old.  He is T’s mini me.  Down to that grin and attitude, but he is the sweetest little one, when he wants to be that is.  He is pure energy, and keeps us all on our toes. 

I wanted to start a blog again because, for me, writing about my life tends to be very therapeutic.  I usually don’t take time for me.  T has a “few” medical issues that we deal with.  S, obviously has a lot of stuff we deal with, and P, well it takes all I have just to follow along behind him.  I usually read to unwind, but I get lost in the world of my books and then T gets a little irritated after 2 or 3 days that I am glued to my Kindle app. 

 So, if you follow this blog, expect humor and tears (we have a lot of both at our place), expect epiphanies and snarkiness, expect love to show and real life struggles to come through.  I am not in any way shape or form perfect.  I can’t be.  I am writing this to capture it for my boys, to give them a little insight to their lives when they are sitting on the therapist’s couch when they are older. (Nothing like documenting your life on the Web to scar your children, but hey chicks dig scars so my boys should be fine).  If you like it, thanks for reading, if this is not your cup of tea.. go ahead and find something else, it is ok, I won’t be offended…

 Last, the title.. you see we go through a lot.  To give you an idea of the last 4 months, the week after Thanksgiving, both of our dads were diagnosed with cancer, 4 days apart (in this time frame I also managed to break my thumb… talk about talent).  Then my brother in law passed away.  While he had been sick, it was still not expected.  Then our dog passed, and one of the fish.  (This is all before Christmas, mind you).  It was a rough holiday season.  My father in law has brain cancer… a bad one.  He had the tumor removed, or at least part of it, then ended up in the hospital with a SEVERE reaction to the medication they gave him. (4 days in ICU severe).  The punches just keep coming.  On top of this, with the holidays, S’s blood sugar of course bounces all around, and now he is having some stomach issues we are trying to figure out.  T is also having some neck issues, just a re occurrence of a previous issue, but added to the list.  I give you this information, not as a request for pity, for you see that does no good.  This is to help you understand our title.  Through everything, S and I just look at each other and say.. we got this.. one step at a time, oh but wait.. that is too much,  we got this, one breath a time.. we can get through this.  As S and I were talking today, there is nothing in this world that God will let happen to us that we can’t get through with Him.  (Yeah, we’re those Jesus freaks your mom warned you about…. We love Him and all… sorry if that offends ya, but it’s just how we roll…stick around, you might like some of what you read, if not, you can show your other friends that don’t believe and have a chuckle over us… at least we have shared our story)

 So what to expect from this… lots of humor and sarcasm, lots of love, a chronicle of how we muddle through life with a medical mystery and a T1D.  Wanna learn more about these?  Stay tuned for what’s to come.. I guarantee you might like it…. And if not, at least you tried 🙂