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wow when it hits you it hits you

I recieved 2 things this morning that reminded me, hey people read what you write and some people may get something out of it. A very good friend forwarded me an email from Proverbs 21 ministry today with the following prayer at the bottom:

Dear Lord, help me separate my circumstances from my identity. Help me only determine my worth by Your truth and not my performance in any situation. Thank You for looking at me not as I am, but how Jesus has enabled me to be. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

The jist of the lesson was a mom who thought she was hitting the mom high making brownies for the school bake sale (100 individually wrapped ones to be exact) and thought it would be extra special to make turtle brownies only to remember when bagging #97 the school was a nut free school. She was down on herself and beating herself up. How many times have many of us been here? Where we let the task we were not succeeding at identify us at the moment? I know I am really guilty of this on multiple occasions. I think this is my new goal, to do as the prayer says and not let my circumstances identify me. No matter how I succeed or how I fail or how many times I fall, God loves me anyway, and will always be there as long as I remember the sacrifices he made for me.

I was talking to a colleague the other day that I have had many spiritual conversations with. You could say she was on the fence as to whether she was a believer or because of her circumstances. Her family history ranged from an addict to a follower that was led in some interesting directions. She told me yesterday that she has decided that there must be a God, that with the good and bad she has witnessed there has to be something behind it. She is not sure about the whole church and circumstance and pomp, but she has decided that she wants to try and find a church home that fits for her and her family. I have to say, I have never before truly realized what it means to witness and see the fruits of your labor, and I cannot take full credit for her decision, but I think the fact that I could provide facts to even out the exaggerations she was receiving elsewhere, and that I could explain my relationship with God to her in terms of being a parent (a bond we both share) that it help in some small way, and that she would share it with me.. well, it was a small thing and she did not have to do it, but the fact that she did, I think it was God’s way of letting me know that while I may not realize the example I set by professing my faith openly, that the impact is there in small ways. One other example is my son’s who do you love the most game. It is a game he plays, asking everyone who they love the most, because in his 7 year old mind you have to love somebody the most, you can’t love everyone the same amount. Well normally he rotates his answer between his father, his brother and myself, whoever helps him out most at the moment, however the other day he started it out, “Mom, do you know who I love the most?” and my reply, “Is it Phil today?”, to which he came back, “Nope, I love God the most because he loves me the most.” It was one of those parenting moments where you just really sit back and say through all my conceived failures, I must be doing something right for him to get it that simple.

As you go through your day, let your identity shine through that you are a child of the King, that you will have success, and you will have failure, but the most important thing is you realized that as long as you get back up and keep on going, in the end there can be no failure. God Bless.

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