Monthly Archives: April 2009

Please and Thank you

ok, so no profound observations today, it is all about back to the basics.  I have  realized lately that in the hustle and bustle of our lives we sometimes forget the little things like saying Thank you and smiling at people, so I am making a conscious effort to sincerely thank someone in my life each day..  There are so many people in my life that make profound differences, and as I have gotten older and busier, I don’t always take the time to appreciate things, big and small.  It really is the simple things in life that make a profound difference.  I remember with my oldest son being so proud as a parent that some of his first words were please and thank you.  It warms my heart when we go places and he says yes maam or yes sir.  It is amazing how using simple manners can change the whole tone of a conversation.

So in light of this, I want to thank each of you that read this.  I don’t know who reads, or when it is read, I just hope that my little ramblings, if nothing else, cause you to pause and take stock of your surroundings and realize that life can be so much simpler and easier if we remember to respect each other and be polite.  I know, trust me do I know, that it is not always easy, but if it was, everyone could do it and then it wouldn’t mean as much.  So I challenge you, go out today and thank someone.  Maybe it is the person in the cube next to you that gave you a tissue (or a whole box :)) or the person that smiled at you in traffic, or the teacher that helped your child learn more than you every imagined for a 6 year old boy, or that 6 year old boy that can melt your heart with a grin.  It doesn’t cost you anything to do it, and it only improves things for everyone, so go for it… and toot your own horn if you like and let me know how it goes.