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ok, so it is Monday once again… as some may not know, I am trying to get over a rough bout of pneumonia, and well, haven’t posted a whole lot lately.  I have started dozens of posts in my mind, but none of them have made it to the web yet.  Soooo, what profound things do I have to talk about today.  Well, it is Monday, it is sunny, I am above ground, my family and I are truly blessed, I really should not have anything to complain about.  (Of course that doesn’t stop me.. I really should listen to myself more)  I guess what I am saying is each day you wake up you have yet another opportunity to live your life, so don’t waste time and get to living it.  I was going over my schedule with someone this morning and realized it is over 2 weeks before we have 1 night with nothing to do.  What a hectic schedule we have, yet my kids love it.   I seem to thrive on it, I want my kids to be able to say we did it all, we went to the zoo and Busch Gardens and the Tides Games and had a blast, we had picnics and carpet picnics, we rode bikes, we played in the mud.  My son is 6 years old and has played T-Ball, took swimming lessons, took tae kwon do at the Y, took gymnastics, and those are just the organized sports.  My 18 month old is learning tae kwon do from just watching his brother.

I guess what I am really trying to say is we only have today.. try to make the best of it.  My son recently asked me what my very favorite thing was as he and his brother were sitting in my lap, and I really couldn’t think of anything better than that moment.  Yesterday, my husband and both sons were dancing together, and it was just infectious, I love seeing my husband so completely wrapped around my children’s fingers… the love oozing around our family can be sickening, but it is ours.

So, sorry for the short post today, but I am going to go enjoy the day

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it. – Danny Kaye

May your day be as colorful as possible and may God continue to bless you and yours 🙂


ok, so fell off the wagon

I missed last week, I am sorry, things have been hectic between sick kids, sick mommy, and so on. So today, back into routine. I am at work today and since my oldest is out of school for the day, he is here with me, and surprisingly, things are going really well. He is set up in my little pod with his own laptop, earphones and the thomas the tank engine website. Soo, since this weekend was phenomenal with my family I wanted to use a verse about kids today…

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

Well, most parents probably have the same dilemma that I do, you make the effort to take your child to church, to teach them about God and the things that will help them become loving, compassionate, well adjusted adults. You always wonder if you are doing a good job and if the lessons are really sinking in, if you are meeting the challenge to do as the scripture says and train up a child in the way he should go. Well, I know most people may not see the results for a very long time and say a lot of prayers that what they learn will stick with them. My six year old son, somehow humbles me every night as we say our prayers. He starts out with the typical, “Now I lay me down to sleep…” and we thought we were being smart, when we taught him the prayer we taught him to say and God Bless my family and friends, instead of listening to the barrage of names he could come up with. (It didn’t work, he still lists everyone out and finishes with that for a catchall… ) Then in the last few weeks, after saying the previous, he just starts talking to God.. God thank you for a fun day with my Mommy, and God could show ____ how much fun church is so he will come more, God, today my brother and I did this…. And it is when I hear my 6 year old son saying prayers like he is talking to someone next to him that is a good friend, I realize we are doing something right. He has no qualms about praying in public, thinks it is weird that not everyone does. I hope and I pray that I continue to teach him to be so open and loving in his faith and that I can do the same for Phil. When I look at my children, I realize the extent of God’s love for me, through my love for them.. he doesn’t care if I have drool and boogers all over me, he doesn’t care that I rebel against him, he loves me anyway, when I trip and fall, he catches me even though I forgot to ask, when things are falling apart around me, I have to remember when Sean is falling apart, I just go to him and hold him and listen, and God does the same for me. No everything can’t be fixed, no God can’t go tell somebody to quick picking on me, but that is not his job, he just wants to love me and have me love him back as simple and pure as my boys love me. There is nothing better than when I come home from work and am attacked by the two little people that I love most in this world because they are running with arms outstretched to mom. I can only imagine what God feels like when we run to him. I don’t think I have ever really thought this through so much until I started writing this post, God loves me like I love my children. It is easy for me to do, I just love them, they didn’t have to do anything to make it happen, it doesn’t matter that they don’t always listen or do what I want them to, I love them anyway. What a gift we have been given, and I think I am just sad that it has taken me this long to truly realize the extent of this gift. Love, given freely, no strings attached, all that is asked in return is love.

Wow, there is my profound moment of the day. And on that note, I think Sean and I may have to have our picnic soon and maybe we will go back to the park we went to this weekend and look for more hermit crabs and just enjoy the day. For everyone that reads, may God bless you and may this have touched you or at lest made you smile.

Ok, so I wrote this on Monday, but it for some reason did not publish. I want to thank everyone for their prayers, for those that don’t know I was diagnosed on Monday with a severe case of pneumonia, which has knocked me down, you don’t realize how quick you get worn out when you can’t breathe. Anyway, I am hopefully on the mend and getting better, but will keep everyone posted. Again, thanks.