ok, so I have struggled with this post for the past few days, thinking it over and over in my head, saying the same things different ways, trying to think of the best way to protect the innocent, but you know, I just have to put it out there and pray that the message hits home.

You know how there are just “those” people that you just don’t want to deal with, the family member that does nothing but whine, the friend that means well, but goes on and on about poor pitiful me? I got to thinking about these people the other day and realized something, I whine about having to listen to it, and about having to “put up” with things and how someting some people do makes absolutely no sense to me. And I started thinking real hard, not something I do real often, and it took being an outsider listening to someone else, and my first response to that person was, well did you pray for that person? And the response was well, I just don’t want to deal with that at all, and then my question came out again, Well, maybe that just means you should pray even more… you see it is easy for us to pray for those we love and cherish, easy for us to pray for those close to us, or for mass groups of unnamed persons that are suffering, but what about that one person you just can’t see eye to eye with, did you say a prayer for them? I have a few situations at work that I am guilty of that, and am now making a conscious effort to remedy, and realizing, I was not meant to know all sides of every story, there is no way I could wrap my brain around it, and thanks to God and what he has given us, I don’t have to. See it is a very simple principle, just pray. If you can learn to pray about it, and I am not talking about a long drawn out thing, I know that when I pray it tends to sound more like a one sided conversation with a friend than a pomp and circumstance kind of thing. For instance, an employee at work was let go, and even though I didn’t always get along with that person, I had to stop and think, it doesn’t matter if I liked him or not, or if he liked me or not, he was a fellow person, going through a struggle, so I said a quick prayer that God light his path and lead him to where he needed to be. Short simple to the point, and hopefully heard. You see it is easy to say God Bless my children, you love them and want good things to happen to and for them, but what about to that guy that cut you off driving to work, did you pray that he made it to his destination safely? Did you thank God that you were at that spot 5 seconds earlier where it could have been disastrous? I spend a lot of time in my car and am now addicted to K-Love, I used to be one of those people that flipped stations after each song, and now I can’t bring myself to do it. And listening to the songs and stories, I now can’t seem to tear myself away. I actually feel a presence with me when I throw caution to the wind and start singing along. (For those that know me, I have to make sure I am in the car alone as not to damage anyone’s hearing.. I have been blessed, but not with a singing voice, he said a joyful noise, not an in tune noise) With this new development, I also find myself noticing little things around me as I drive, I said a prayer for the mother on the cell phone the other day, that she make it safely, said a prayer that the big rig saw me driving beside him, I find myself saying all sorts of prayers.  So I charge you as you go forward from here to think about it the next time you have to listen to someone, or someone just seems to irritate you, remember, you don’t know the full story, you weren’t meant to and aren’t responsible for finding out, you are only responsible for your reaction, whether you whine about having to listen to it or you say a prayer that God help that person find the contentment and happiness we all strive for.

As one of my new favorite sayings from a book series I have been reading, “Blessed be”


6 responses to “struggles

  1. great thoughts. One more question: Does God get tired of our whining and complaining? Answer: no. We are very lucky to have merciful Father in heaven who sent his son Jesus to suffer, bleed and die for our sins. Lucky indeed.

  2. Michelle Ruth Hillock

    I cant even find the right words to open this up. I have recently experienced a death in my family, my sisterinlaw, her husband, my oldest brother sitting in jail this last year on 7 charges that could land him 400 years in prison, they are losing their house, it is the first time he has ever been in jail or in trouble if you will, she was 55. Their grandaughter is the victim per say in this case against my brother, I am a bit bias and find myself Not wanting to believe he could be guilty, I love my niece to pieces and when i went to california last week, i learned much more of the details and the other side of things and they are too believable as I have been the victim myself. My nephew is the only one left their and they are losing the house, he is emotionally numb, said the sinners prayer, thinks he has no soul, i assured him that he indeed does, my daughter feels like she lost her mother since I have sought my salvation and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, I know whos i am and who i am and am very passionate about that and i feel challenged but i will not back down and deny Jesus. He is who I turned to from a lifetime of brokeness and abuse and addiction. I will not let go of Him for no one. Not even my family. I did get alot of closure while in california, however, I have not been able to pray properly, process all the new information, cry or anything. I know God will Never leave me nor forsake me and I know in my head and heart these things. I feel sad that I cant pray, this Sunday I even left church early to sleep. It was the first time in 3 years that I have ever done that, knowing I should Praise Him in the storms of life and his joy is my strength. I just cant seem to muster a prayer. I have felt angry then not, irritable then not, broken then not, joyful then not, too many thoughts, then none. This is something I have not been through before in my walk and I want to sleep and then dont. This is crazy. I always pray for others as well, but cant seem to even do that except for something way to quick and from my head. No Weapon Formed against me shall prosper in the name of Jesus is all I can seem to get out. and Thank God for taking my sisterinlaw from her suffering and being able to thank Him for the salvation in my family as He has promised once I am saved my whole household SHALL be saved. I thank Him for keeping me from evil. My feelings and emotions are what is a mess, otherwise, I remain standing when that is all I can seem to do. Today. I asked God to process all my thoughts as this has all taken place in the matter of the last week and a half. I know I can be angry and sin not and that I do not want to sin against God even in my thoughts. I am being tormented and yes the devil is a liar, and he has no authority in my life or over my life whatsoever. I got all that. I pray for peace, clarity, and no dreams. I have been dreaming this last week some of the most awful dreams and I havent done that in a very very long time either. So I know that I need intersession as well. All I can do really is pray in the spirit. Let Him pray for me. I will try to pray harder, will you keep me in your prayers please, because at this point i dont know what to pray for.

    • I am so sorry for your pain and struggle.. I know there are no real words of comfort when you are just below the surface and hanging on for every breath. I pray that you find the strength to keep on, that His will work its way in your life and the lives of those around you.. I know I often have a hard time letting it all go and giving it to Him, but my when I finally do, what a feeling.. I will pray for you…may you find peace and comfort.. feel free to come back and hopefully I will be able to update more and you will enjoy them.

  3. Michelle Ruth Hillock

    Hello and Thankyou for responding so quickly. I went to the Monday Night at Solid Rock Church tonight and WOW did HE show up. Just what I needed and the words spoken in prayer tonight touched on those that were there that couldn’t even pray or know what to pray for and then this lady was interceding for me just as I mentioned I believe to you earlier and she said He was healing me and it was over. It is all over and that I can give myself permission to be free. I am at Peace now and just want to rest so I will be praying for you all and others as I just started praying for whoever and whatever came to mind tonight even someone with knee pain that I be healed in Jesus Name. I was truly touched tonight and I know He doesn’t give us more than we can handle. Amen. Thank you again and God Bless You and yours.

  4. Our God is so gracious that words alone cannot describe His love towards us (Psalm 136:1)

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