Monthly Archives: May 2008

Follow Up Appt – UPDATE

Well, Sorry it took so long to get this up, but it has been a hectic few days.  We traveled back to UVA Thursday night in the midst of thunderstorms and tornadoes for our appt Friday morning.  After speaking to the doctor, the aneurysm has not shrunk or clotted off as he had hoped, in fact there has been no change really.  The doctor decided he wanted to give it 6 more weeks and rescan again.  He is hoping that now that Thomas is off the Plavix that it will start to clot off on its own.  If it does not, and there is still no change when we go back in 6 weeks, then they will go ahead and do the coiling.  With this, Thomas is out of work for another 6 weeks.  Also, on Friday we found out that the baby has strep throat, so he has been a little out of sorts, but is getting better.  We are taking this in stride and moving ahead.  We want to thank Aunt Debbie and Kayla for staying with the boys and getting them off safely and mostly on time Friday morning.  Also thanks to Papaw for getting us dinner (one less thing to worry with).  Mother’s day was nice, since the baby was sick, we all just hung out at the house all day.  The boys made me some beautiful cards and cooked me a huge breakfast, and I spent the day  just chilling with baby Phil.

I hope this update finds everyone well, and thank you again for the well wishes