Home Sweet Home

Well, they discharged Thomas early Wednesday morning, and we were able to be home before the bus brought Sean home. Luckily, it was a pretty quiet night getting settled in and it was so great to have the boys with us again. Thomas has to take it very easy for the next week, and we have to return to Charlottesville in 30 days for scans to see how things are going. They only placed a stint in the right side, saying the spots on the left were too small to be able to do anything with. After that he is free for 2 more months when we have to go back again. He is sore and tired, but his spirits are great now that we are at home, and it was wondeful to get to be with the boys. Now, I have to go do some running around to get things taken care of so I can go back to work tomorrow. 🙂 I would like to once again just thank everyone for the calls, prayers and emails.. it has helped trememdously knowing we have such a great support system.



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