We have a day…kind of

Well, the docs came in this morning at 7:30, we figured that was not a good sign since they did the blood draw at 7:00.  It turns out that due to scheduling conflicts for the surgical team and rooms, they cannot do the surgery today.  This is good and bad.. it gives the plavix one more day to do what it needs to do, and they gave him 5 plavix yesterday and 2 already today (he had been taking 1 a day).  However, it also means it is one more day here in Charlottesville away from the kids.  We will know more for sure once the bloodwork comes back from the lab, but the doctor seems confident we will be doing this tomorrow.  I think I am going to try and tough it out and stay here.  It seems that when I am not here it is hard on Thomas to be up here alone just waiting, and the stress makes his blood pressure go up which is very bad while he is on so many blood thinners.  I am going to head out today and go pick up a few things, and then I will be online to get some work done, one of us needs to work 🙂  Ok, I am off in search of a yummy breakfast and will update when I can.



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