Another day of waiting

Well, the results have come back, and his levels are nowhere near where they need to be.  According to the surgeon, his levels look almost like he hasn’t been taking Plavix at all, so they are going to increase his dosage and see what his numbers look like in the morning.  Now it looks like it may be Tuesday or Wednesday before we do surgery.  Soo, we will see how things go.  It is a little disappointing, however we are glad that they are doing everything they can and believe we are in the best place where we need to be.  I will keep everyone updated and will be sure to update this as much as possible.

Once again, thanks for the prayers and keep them coming.. we will keep updating as we go.

Love always and God Bless,

Thomas and Anna


2 responses to “Another day of waiting

  1. Hi Anna,

    Sorry to hear things are not moving as fast as you would like. I hope you guys get back home soon with life back to normal.


  2. Michael, Gab and Becca


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We’re keeping up through your mom and my mom; we’re keeping the phone lines hot. You know if you need anything all you have to do is call. Haven’t wanted to call you because we know you are being inundated with phone calls as it is. But our thoughts are ALWAYS with you. We love you and Thomas and the boys dearly. I know everything will be fine. Put your faith in God. Lean on His love for you and it will help you through. We love you!

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