And the beat goes on

Well they upped Thomas’s plavix dose from 1 pill to 4 pills, so hopefully that will help.  It has been another uneventful day, but I did manage to get about 5 hours of work in, which was nice to have a distraction.  Papaw left this morning and headed back home and will come back later this week.  If they don’t do Thomas’s surgery tomorrow, then I am going to go home for the night and see the boys and spend some time with them, Laurie Lee said Phil seemed to be pouting today.. and I really need some baby loving.  I wish I was taking Thomas with me, but at least I know he is in good hands here.  Once again the nursing staff on our floor has been fabulous.  Anway, that is our update for now.  Please continue to pray that the plavix does what it needs to do and we can get home to our kids and family and friends.  I know that there are people out there praying for us all over the place and it really is helping.  The kindness of those around us has been truly awe inspiring. Thank you all.



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