And it is Monday

Well, quite an uneventful evening.  Papaw got here around 6, I got to go out and run some errands and just have an hour to myself, and then we spent the evening playing Phase 10 (It is a card game I am soooo very addicted to) Papaw and I were even nice enough to let Thomas win.  The docs (about 4 of them) came in this morning to say good morning, and see if they had done the blood draw yet, and they had not, so they got the ball rolling on that.  It is now 10:30 and we are just waiting on the results to see if it is going to happen today.  Thomas is sleeping, they wake you up so much during the night that you have to get your rest during the day. I must say I finally slept through the night last night, and even though it was on a hospital cot, I am starting to feel a little more human today.  I expect I will be posting a few updates today, as the news flows in and things progress, so be sure to keep checking.  Phillip’s sitter sent us some pics of him in the walker this morning and he can almost touch the floor.. it won’t be long until he is scooting around.  Mom and dad said he is now rolling around both ways and is officially mobile … which will be fun, but is another milestone away from being a baby anymore.  Sean talked GramAnn into letting him buy lunch at school today, and will be able to show off the tape marks from his IV Tuesday… He wanted to leave the gauze and tape on until the kids at school saw them.. he is so funny.

Anyway, that is all for now, we just had the lab paged to see if we could get any news.. so I will update soon.



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