Well, it is about 9:00 Friday night and we are getting ready to get settled in for the night.  Papaw just left to head back home (he got here about 6:30 tonight) and will be back whatever day they schedule the surgery.  We have had many calls and well wishes and appreciate them all.  The doctor still has not come in with any update, however there have been a ton of traumas today and when we spoke to his resident at around 6:00 he said it was going to be a late night for all of them and he was going to come back up later, that Dr. Dumont had been in surgery all day.  I am hoping that we should have an update soon, but I didn’t want anyone to be wondering too much where the update was.

The boys are doing great with my mom and she is going to bring them up here either Saturday or Sunday and I think that will be great for Thomas.. we are both missing them tons.. and even though mom sent us pictures today.. I just feel awful that they are there and we are here.

Anyway, that is where we are for now.. I will update as soon as we know anything.



One response to “Update

  1. Just checking in on TA and family, thanks for the update.

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