Well, Dr. Dumont never got a chance to come up here yesterday, and he is in a symposium today, so we are waiting to see if he will be by this evening.   With that we really have  update at this time.  My mom brought the boys up today to visit with us.  What a welcome distraction.. Phillip has grown so much and Sean is such a great big brother, we miss them so very much but know they are in great hands and what a relief and blessing to know that we have such great care for our kids.  It was a little rough when they had to go, but it was great getting to see them.

Other than that it has been pretty quiet.  It is supposed to snow here tomorrow which is crazy since it was so warm yesterday, but that is ok… at least I will get to see snow this year.. so what if it is the end of March.

I guess that is all for now.. I have spent a lot of time reading, letting Thomas rest.. I left the room for about an hour to get some air and walk around and Thomas had a little anxiety start and his headache started to come back, I told him he was a poop, I couldn’t leave him alone for a minute.. but really we think it was just because he tried drinking a caffeine free diet coke today and has been restricted to water and tea for a week.   We got his low dose pain meds and within 5 minutes he was fine.

Well, I am going to go work on my word search book, I will update soon.


My Boys


One response to “Saturday

  1. Kathy & Tom Queen

    Just wanted to send you love and prayers via the “net”. Thank you for the blog.
    Love, Tom and Kathy

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