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And the beat goes on

Well they upped Thomas’s plavix dose from 1 pill to 4 pills, so hopefully that will help.  It has been another uneventful day, but I did manage to get about 5 hours of work in, which was nice to have a distraction.  Papaw left this morning and headed back home and will come back later this week.  If they don’t do Thomas’s surgery tomorrow, then I am going to go home for the night and see the boys and spend some time with them, Laurie Lee said Phil seemed to be pouting today.. and I really need some baby loving.  I wish I was taking Thomas with me, but at least I know he is in good hands here.  Once again the nursing staff on our floor has been fabulous.  Anway, that is our update for now.  Please continue to pray that the plavix does what it needs to do and we can get home to our kids and family and friends.  I know that there are people out there praying for us all over the place and it really is helping.  The kindness of those around us has been truly awe inspiring. Thank you all.



Another day of waiting

Well, the results have come back, and his levels are nowhere near where they need to be.  According to the surgeon, his levels look almost like he hasn’t been taking Plavix at all, so they are going to increase his dosage and see what his numbers look like in the morning.  Now it looks like it may be Tuesday or Wednesday before we do surgery.  Soo, we will see how things go.  It is a little disappointing, however we are glad that they are doing everything they can and believe we are in the best place where we need to be.  I will keep everyone updated and will be sure to update this as much as possible.

Once again, thanks for the prayers and keep them coming.. we will keep updating as we go.

Love always and God Bless,

Thomas and Anna

And it is Monday

Well, quite an uneventful evening.  Papaw got here around 6, I got to go out and run some errands and just have an hour to myself, and then we spent the evening playing Phase 10 (It is a card game I am soooo very addicted to) Papaw and I were even nice enough to let Thomas win.  The docs (about 4 of them) came in this morning to say good morning, and see if they had done the blood draw yet, and they had not, so they got the ball rolling on that.  It is now 10:30 and we are just waiting on the results to see if it is going to happen today.  Thomas is sleeping, they wake you up so much during the night that you have to get your rest during the day. I must say I finally slept through the night last night, and even though it was on a hospital cot, I am starting to feel a little more human today.  I expect I will be posting a few updates today, as the news flows in and things progress, so be sure to keep checking.  Phillip’s sitter sent us some pics of him in the walker this morning and he can almost touch the floor.. it won’t be long until he is scooting around.  Mom and dad said he is now rolling around both ways and is officially mobile … which will be fun, but is another milestone away from being a baby anymore.  Sean talked GramAnn into letting him buy lunch at school today, and will be able to show off the tape marks from his IV Tuesday… He wanted to leave the gauze and tape on until the kids at school saw them.. he is so funny.

Anyway, that is all for now, we just had the lab paged to see if we could get any news.. so I will update soon.


News … Finally

Well, Dr. Dumont came by about 8:30 this morning to talk to us. He confirmed everything that has been said Friday and Saturday, and let us know that he is going to check Thomas’s blood levels tomorrow morning and if the clotting level is good, they will do the procedure tomorrow. If not, it will be done Tuesday. After the surgery it will be 24 hours and we can go home. Sooo we could be back home as early as Tuesday, but Thursday morning at the latest. We are so happy to finally have news. Thomas has a good night last night, and we both got a little sleep. Papaw is planning to come up today and spend the day with Thomas, and I think a few others are coming to visit today. So hopefully, he will get to get some smiles in and maybe just maybe I will get to take a walk around outside.. I love him to pieces.. but cabin fever is starting to get to me just sitting here. Usually if I can get about 10 – 15 minutes to go outside and get non hospital air I am good for a few more hours.

I have to say the staff other than our first night on the 6th floor has been great. If you would like to know more about the doctor here is the faculty web page for him we have been very happy with the care he has given us and he seems to think things will go well with the surgery.

That is all we have for now, the boys and GramAnn and DanDan made it home safe yesterday and it looks like we will get to see our boys soon, so that is good.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to keep up in your prayers, as you can see the power of prayer really does work, we have made it this far, and now just 3 days to go.

Thanks and God Bless



Well, Dr. Dumont never got a chance to come up here yesterday, and he is in a symposium today, so we are waiting to see if he will be by this evening.   With that we really have  update at this time.  My mom brought the boys up today to visit with us.  What a welcome distraction.. Phillip has grown so much and Sean is such a great big brother, we miss them so very much but know they are in great hands and what a relief and blessing to know that we have such great care for our kids.  It was a little rough when they had to go, but it was great getting to see them.

Other than that it has been pretty quiet.  It is supposed to snow here tomorrow which is crazy since it was so warm yesterday, but that is ok… at least I will get to see snow this year.. so what if it is the end of March.

I guess that is all for now.. I have spent a lot of time reading, letting Thomas rest.. I left the room for about an hour to get some air and walk around and Thomas had a little anxiety start and his headache started to come back, I told him he was a poop, I couldn’t leave him alone for a minute.. but really we think it was just because he tried drinking a caffeine free diet coke today and has been restricted to water and tea for a week.   We got his low dose pain meds and within 5 minutes he was fine.

Well, I am going to go work on my word search book, I will update soon.


My Boys


Well, it is about 9:00 Friday night and we are getting ready to get settled in for the night.  Papaw just left to head back home (he got here about 6:30 tonight) and will be back whatever day they schedule the surgery.  We have had many calls and well wishes and appreciate them all.  The doctor still has not come in with any update, however there have been a ton of traumas today and when we spoke to his resident at around 6:00 he said it was going to be a late night for all of them and he was going to come back up later, that Dr. Dumont had been in surgery all day.  I am hoping that we should have an update soon, but I didn’t want anyone to be wondering too much where the update was.

The boys are doing great with my mom and she is going to bring them up here either Saturday or Sunday and I think that will be great for Thomas.. we are both missing them tons.. and even though mom sent us pictures today.. I just feel awful that they are there and we are here.

Anyway, that is where we are for now.. I will update as soon as we know anything.


Hope this will come in handy

Well, as most of you know, we are in Charlottesville at the UVA University hospital. As of right now our “official” diagnosis is that Thomas has a carotid aneurysm. This means that the artery walls of his carotid artery at the base of his neck have an abnormality. As I type this he is downstairs have an angiogram done. For this procedure they thread a tube with contrast and a camera from the femoral artery in his leg up to his neck, inject the dye and then take a look around at the arteries in his neck and some in his brain. Once they do this procedure it will give them a road map as to the best course of action for fixing his aneurysm. This procedure is very low risk and is basically used to confirm what they have seen on the CTA scans and provide them a clear and detailed view at what they are dealing with. After this procedure, if it goes as they expect, they will put him back on a Plavix and Aspirin regimen for three days and then do the procedure. So we are looking at possibly a surgery date of Tuesday. Once he has the surgery, he should be able to go home in 24 – 48 hours.

Other than that we are just kind of hanging out waiting for the docs to make the call.

I am going to try and keep this blog updated every few hours so that everyone knows what is going on and I don’t have a $1000 cell phone bill this month.

Before signing off for now, (I want to get some work done, I am actually looking forward to it because it is a great distraction.) I want to take a moment and just thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. The power of prayer is a wonderful thing and we have certainly witnessed it so far. I especially want to thank our families (including our church family) and especially everyone at EchoStorm..the outpouring has been overwhelming.

I guess that is all for now… Thomas is in room 6139A in the central wing.. but please if you want to call, call my cell phone.. we are trying to let him rest as much as possible, if you need the number, please email

God Bless,


PS – Below are two pics, one is Sean Thomas when he was trying to be like daddy when he went to the ER at CHKD Tuesday, and the second is one of Thomas and Phil hanging out at Obici — EnjoySean at CHKD

Daddy time