Just checking in

Well, it seems things are finally slowing down a little… We had a nice quiet weekend hanging out. We got to see Kaybug play in a volleyball game and got to each a yummy lunch at Panera’s with Aunt Debbie and Kaybug. Other than that, we all just hung out… the weather is finally cooling off, and Phillip is having more awake time, and has started giggling out loud.. he has the biggest smile I have ever seen. It is so wonderful to watch Phil and Sean together, Sean is such a great big brother and is so good with Phil, and with helping mommy and daddy out taking care of him.

Wednesday is Halloween and I am going to take the day to go to Sean’s school for his field trip to the pumpkin patch, and then they will have lunch, then the costume parade and Halloween party, a day for just me and Sean.. I am really excited and am hoping that it will go well, we haven’t had a lot of time for just Sean and myself since the end of my pregnancy and I miss spending time with him alone. Ahh, the trials of having 2 littles ones… enough time to split, especially when one is attached to my boob every 2 hours :)… but it is getting better and we are getting into the swing of juggling 2 kids… Muzzle loading season comes in this Saturday, sooo it is time to become a hunting widow again, but that is ok, at least the hunting is done very close to home and Sean will probably go with dad a lot.

Anyway, I am off to pick up the big stinky from school and then to Franklin to get the little stinky.. and then hopefully the biggest stinky will be home when we get there.. till next time….


One response to “Just checking in

  1. Ahem…and you got to spend time with Kimmer.


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