I’m a big kid now

Well, At the ped yesterday, Mr. Phillip decided it was finally time to quit making mommy worry. He weighed in (at 6 weeks of age) at a whopping 9 pounds and 1 ounce.. putting him in the 11th percentile for his weight and officially taking him off weight watch from the doctor. WOOHOO.. It is still weird for me that Sean weighed that much at 1 week of age, but Phillip is getting there, slowly but surely, he is just going to be our little guy. Another Woohoo for us, Sean is starting to read.. after many arguments and tears he is now reading three letter words and able to sound them out on his own. When your parents say they hope you have a kid just like you.. well only one parent gets to win that title, and it seems that Sean may be taking after Thomas. After reading his baby book, his mama commented that he could do things, he just wanted to do them on his own time and terms.. which it seems Sean is doing. I am grateful he is learning and that he has such a strong personality.. I just wish he wasn’t quite soooo stubborn 😉 but I will take that over wimpy any day.. He is a great kid and a sponge and I love watching him learn so much now that he is in school.

Thomas had his MRI yesterday and hopefully soon we will know a little more, he is doing well and not having any issues other than he hurt his back picking Sean up yesterday (That happens when you give a 50 pound 5 year a piggy back ride)

Ok, that is the quick update for today, but I will try to add more later…


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