k, once again, back to work

Well, I really thought that last week was going to be my first full week back to work, however on Thursday I went to the doctor with a sore throat and it turned out that I had strep… so Thursday and Friday and Saturday I spent most of my time sleeping… I did go to watch the Harvest King and Queen crowning Sat morning, but that was it… We thought that we had done well with Sean raising over $300 for his Harvest King campaign, however, there were about 24 kids participating and they raised over $12000.. so needless to say, $300 doesn’t even put you in the running. But, he had a good time the little bit of time he got to spend at the Harvest Festival. Then he and daddy went to their T-Ball game and birthday party while Phil and I hung out at home, mostly napping. On Sunday, I was finally starting to feel better, sooo, my nesting instinct kicked in about 3 months too late.. Most pregnant women get a nesting instinct where they have to clean and get everything ready, me, well not so much.. (those who know me should not be surprised that something involving cleaning does not happen for me). Well, Sunday, I started cleaning and rearranging, and cleaning and decluttering, and OMG… we have so much crap. I have decided that by the end of this year I hope to have everything gone and start working on keeping only the essentials around, which will hopefully make things easier to keep up with. Thomas and I managed to clean and completely rearrarange both living rooms and our bedroom.. my next project is the boys’ room.. and there is a lot of stuff that I can get rid of in there.. as long as Sean isn’t helping out.

Sunday was the fall festival at our church, and while I would have loved to have gone, and it definitely would have been much better than cleaning, I still had a horrendously sore throat and really didn’t want to risk infecting anyone else with strep.. I had forgotten how completely miserable it was.. it wasn’t until I took the 5th and final dose of a Z-pack that I started to feel better….

Anyway, things are starting to get better, Thomas had yet another doctor’s appt today, but it was just a follow up for all the others, and he seems to be feeling tons better lately. Since I am on an antibiotic that I can’t nurse Phil while I am taking, it has been nice that Thomas took the night shift with Phil.. 2x…. so if I had been feeling well and able to sleep, I could have had 2 whole nights of sleep 🙂 Thomas even made cookies for the Harvest Festival for me Friday night because I felt so bad, sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have such a great and caring hubby… he didn’t even complain about making them and let me sleep while he did it.

k, I am off to the doctor, but will update later with Phil’s weight as mom was going to try and get it this afternoon.


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