Back to work

Well, today it was official.. I started back to work full time.. Phillip is staying with my mom today and I did good and did not cry all day long. Work is good, I think they are taking it easy on me today to let me get back into the swing of things, but there is a ton of stuff I am now working on. I am getting back in the swing of things, but there are a lot of new people in the office.. so I feel like I am starting over all over again. Mom called to let me know that Phillip only drank 2 bottles today, but they were bottles I had made him that were breastmilk, formula and rice cereal all together, and they were about 4 ounces each. but he nursed at 7:15, and then mom is dropping him off at 3:45 with his dad.. who will probably feed him. Ughh, I have about 2 more hours before I get to leave, but it is ok I am getting by… can you tell I am stalling? Sean did great this morning, and after having a melt down last night because it really hit me that I was going back to work, my wonderful husband offered that I could stay home one more week, but after being out for 10 weeks, not only is my paycheck missed, but the work for me at the office is piling up. So while it is not the easiest thing, I know I must do it. I will be off a lot for doctor’s appointments for Phil and myself, but it will be nice to get everyone into a routine.

On another note, this weekend is the Harvest Festival at IWA, and anyone that wants to make a contribution to Sean’s chance at Harvest King, please feel free to let me know by Thursday….

My last good thing, the gym monstrosity that takes up my living room is getting moved 🙂 WOOHOO I get my room back, Thomas is going to try and set it up in the shed outside, so that he can still use it, but also I can have my living room back.

To all that are keeping up with the saga that is our life…. thanks for looking 🙂


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