I should just start signing my paycheck over to the hospital

Well, another eventful night at our house… Thomas woke up about 3 in the morning, and after walking into the hallway, the entire right side of his body went numb… needless to say the ambulance was called, GramAnn was woken out of a deep sleep to come hang with the boys and I headed to the hospital to see what was going on. It turns out that the doctor thinks Thomas had a mini stroke, or TIA… Everything was better shortly, and we were home by 6:00, but now have a ton of appointments to have tests run to see what is going on. Hopefully this can be taken care of with lifestyle changes, but we will see. With a mini stroke, there are no lasting effects, it is just scary when it happens. And evidently he had one a few weeks ago, before Phil got here we were riding down the road and he sneezed and his arm went numb. At the time, the ER said it was a muscle spasm, but looking back now, they think that could have been a mini stroke as well. They can last 30 minutes to 24 hours.. so we are lucky his have been short, but now that we have a name for what is happening we can work on treating it and fixing stuff. He is fine today, actually sitting next to me feeding Phil and playing with Sean. I love seeing my husband and my boys playing together and am so fortunate to have all three of them.

Ok, I am going to go get some more work done, and will update later, Thomas has one test Wed, Phil goes to the doc Wed for a weight check, and then maybe, then we can go one whole week staying out of the doctor’s office (hopefully).


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