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Just checking in

Well, it seems things are finally slowing down a little… We had a nice quiet weekend hanging out. We got to see Kaybug play in a volleyball game and got to each a yummy lunch at Panera’s with Aunt Debbie and Kaybug. Other than that, we all just hung out… the weather is finally cooling off, and Phillip is having more awake time, and has started giggling out loud.. he has the biggest smile I have ever seen. It is so wonderful to watch Phil and Sean together, Sean is such a great big brother and is so good with Phil, and with helping mommy and daddy out taking care of him.

Wednesday is Halloween and I am going to take the day to go to Sean’s school for his field trip to the pumpkin patch, and then they will have lunch, then the costume parade and Halloween party, a day for just me and Sean.. I am really excited and am hoping that it will go well, we haven’t had a lot of time for just Sean and myself since the end of my pregnancy and I miss spending time with him alone. Ahh, the trials of having 2 littles ones… enough time to split, especially when one is attached to my boob every 2 hours :)… but it is getting better and we are getting into the swing of juggling 2 kids… Muzzle loading season comes in this Saturday, sooo it is time to become a hunting widow again, but that is ok, at least the hunting is done very close to home and Sean will probably go with dad a lot.

Anyway, I am off to pick up the big stinky from school and then to Franklin to get the little stinky.. and then hopefully the biggest stinky will be home when we get there.. till next time….


I’m a big kid now

Well, At the ped yesterday, Mr. Phillip decided it was finally time to quit making mommy worry. He weighed in (at 6 weeks of age) at a whopping 9 pounds and 1 ounce.. putting him in the 11th percentile for his weight and officially taking him off weight watch from the doctor. WOOHOO.. It is still weird for me that Sean weighed that much at 1 week of age, but Phillip is getting there, slowly but surely, he is just going to be our little guy. Another Woohoo for us, Sean is starting to read.. after many arguments and tears he is now reading three letter words and able to sound them out on his own. When your parents say they hope you have a kid just like you.. well only one parent gets to win that title, and it seems that Sean may be taking after Thomas. After reading his baby book, his mama commented that he could do things, he just wanted to do them on his own time and terms.. which it seems Sean is doing. I am grateful he is learning and that he has such a strong personality.. I just wish he wasn’t quite soooo stubborn 😉 but I will take that over wimpy any day.. He is a great kid and a sponge and I love watching him learn so much now that he is in school.

Thomas had his MRI yesterday and hopefully soon we will know a little more, he is doing well and not having any issues other than he hurt his back picking Sean up yesterday (That happens when you give a 50 pound 5 year a piggy back ride)

Ok, that is the quick update for today, but I will try to add more later…

k, once again, back to work

Well, I really thought that last week was going to be my first full week back to work, however on Thursday I went to the doctor with a sore throat and it turned out that I had strep… so Thursday and Friday and Saturday I spent most of my time sleeping… I did go to watch the Harvest King and Queen crowning Sat morning, but that was it… We thought that we had done well with Sean raising over $300 for his Harvest King campaign, however, there were about 24 kids participating and they raised over $12000.. so needless to say, $300 doesn’t even put you in the running. But, he had a good time the little bit of time he got to spend at the Harvest Festival. Then he and daddy went to their T-Ball game and birthday party while Phil and I hung out at home, mostly napping. On Sunday, I was finally starting to feel better, sooo, my nesting instinct kicked in about 3 months too late.. Most pregnant women get a nesting instinct where they have to clean and get everything ready, me, well not so much.. (those who know me should not be surprised that something involving cleaning does not happen for me). Well, Sunday, I started cleaning and rearranging, and cleaning and decluttering, and OMG… we have so much crap. I have decided that by the end of this year I hope to have everything gone and start working on keeping only the essentials around, which will hopefully make things easier to keep up with. Thomas and I managed to clean and completely rearrarange both living rooms and our bedroom.. my next project is the boys’ room.. and there is a lot of stuff that I can get rid of in there.. as long as Sean isn’t helping out.

Sunday was the fall festival at our church, and while I would have loved to have gone, and it definitely would have been much better than cleaning, I still had a horrendously sore throat and really didn’t want to risk infecting anyone else with strep.. I had forgotten how completely miserable it was.. it wasn’t until I took the 5th and final dose of a Z-pack that I started to feel better….

Anyway, things are starting to get better, Thomas had yet another doctor’s appt today, but it was just a follow up for all the others, and he seems to be feeling tons better lately. Since I am on an antibiotic that I can’t nurse Phil while I am taking, it has been nice that Thomas took the night shift with Phil.. 2x…. so if I had been feeling well and able to sleep, I could have had 2 whole nights of sleep 🙂 Thomas even made cookies for the Harvest Festival for me Friday night because I felt so bad, sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have such a great and caring hubby… he didn’t even complain about making them and let me sleep while he did it.

k, I am off to the doctor, but will update later with Phil’s weight as mom was going to try and get it this afternoon.

Back to work

Well, today it was official.. I started back to work full time.. Phillip is staying with my mom today and I did good and did not cry all day long. Work is good, I think they are taking it easy on me today to let me get back into the swing of things, but there is a ton of stuff I am now working on. I am getting back in the swing of things, but there are a lot of new people in the office.. so I feel like I am starting over all over again. Mom called to let me know that Phillip only drank 2 bottles today, but they were bottles I had made him that were breastmilk, formula and rice cereal all together, and they were about 4 ounces each. but he nursed at 7:15, and then mom is dropping him off at 3:45 with his dad.. who will probably feed him. Ughh, I have about 2 more hours before I get to leave, but it is ok I am getting by… can you tell I am stalling? Sean did great this morning, and after having a melt down last night because it really hit me that I was going back to work, my wonderful husband offered that I could stay home one more week, but after being out for 10 weeks, not only is my paycheck missed, but the work for me at the office is piling up. So while it is not the easiest thing, I know I must do it. I will be off a lot for doctor’s appointments for Phil and myself, but it will be nice to get everyone into a routine.

On another note, this weekend is the Harvest Festival at IWA, and anyone that wants to make a contribution to Sean’s chance at Harvest King, please feel free to let me know by Thursday….

My last good thing, the gym monstrosity that takes up my living room is getting moved 🙂 WOOHOO I get my room back, Thomas is going to try and set it up in the shed outside, so that he can still use it, but also I can have my living room back.

To all that are keeping up with the saga that is our life…. thanks for looking 🙂

Good news? maybe

Well, Phillip gained 9 ounces in the last week.. which is great, but he dropped from being in the 10th percentile to being in the 5th percentile for weight. The doctor thinks that he may just be a slow gainer, but we have to go back in 2 weeks for another weight check. If he is still dropping percentile wise, they will start him on a high calorie formula, if not we will just keep doing what we are doing. He is doing well, and we are now adding rice cereal to the formula bottles he is getting, and tonight he downed 4 ounces with rice cereal.. and he is out like a light…

Sean is having a great week, it is spirit week at school and today was rock star day and he got to have blue hair and everything. We just can’t convince him to participate in tomorrow’s which is opposite day (boys dress like girls, girls dress like boys). Friday is IWA spirit day, and he will be in the homecoming parade at halftime as part of the Harvest King race. He is very excited.

Thomas is a little upset that I posted about his stroke, but that is what he gets for scaring me so bad. Actually I just posted it so his family would know so that if anything happens and I am not around, people are aware… especially until we know what is going on. I can’t imagine trying to go at it alone, so the more people that know the better chance of him getting the help he needs if anything does happen. Soooo, sorry for loving you so much hon, but you’re stuck with me :)..

Ok, I am going to go cook dinner for the boys while Phillip is sleeping.. maybe I will get a good night’s sleep since he is getting the rice cereal. I will update more soon.

I should just start signing my paycheck over to the hospital

Well, another eventful night at our house… Thomas woke up about 3 in the morning, and after walking into the hallway, the entire right side of his body went numb… needless to say the ambulance was called, GramAnn was woken out of a deep sleep to come hang with the boys and I headed to the hospital to see what was going on. It turns out that the doctor thinks Thomas had a mini stroke, or TIA… Everything was better shortly, and we were home by 6:00, but now have a ton of appointments to have tests run to see what is going on. Hopefully this can be taken care of with lifestyle changes, but we will see. With a mini stroke, there are no lasting effects, it is just scary when it happens. And evidently he had one a few weeks ago, before Phil got here we were riding down the road and he sneezed and his arm went numb. At the time, the ER said it was a muscle spasm, but looking back now, they think that could have been a mini stroke as well. They can last 30 minutes to 24 hours.. so we are lucky his have been short, but now that we have a name for what is happening we can work on treating it and fixing stuff. He is fine today, actually sitting next to me feeding Phil and playing with Sean. I love seeing my husband and my boys playing together and am so fortunate to have all three of them.

Ok, I am going to go get some more work done, and will update later, Thomas has one test Wed, Phil goes to the doc Wed for a weight check, and then maybe, then we can go one whole week staying out of the doctor’s office (hopefully).

What a little man

Well, Baby Phil went back to the doctor yesterday for a weight check. He is still at 7 pounds and 1 ounce, so we are working on supplementing his nursing with formula. He has 1 week to gain a minimum of 11 ounces. It is a good thing that he is still not losing, but he should have been back to his birth weight at 2 weeks, and is not there yet. We are going to feed feed feed that poor child for the next week and see what we can do. Hopefully he will start to gain, which is what the doctor is looking for, but we shall see.

Sean is doing great, he got his first progress report home Tuesday and got all checks, and he got an E (Excellent) on his letter O book. So kindergarten is going well for him and he is loving school, and begs to go to daycare so he can play with his friends that are not in his class. I am just so very proud of him and how he is handling all of the big changes in our household lately.

On another note, I cannot forget Thomas, I know I don’t write a lot about my hubby here, but I have to add that I am absolutely one of the luckiest women alive. He puts up with my mood swings and loves me anyway.. and to watch this amazing man interact with my children just melts my heart and makes me fall in love with him all over again.

Ok, I have to go, I have some work to do since Phil had a doctor’s appt yesterday I didn’t get much done. Sooo, to everyone have a wonderful day and I will post again later..

OHHH I almost forgot to add this, but congratulations to Ashley, Ethan and Aurora on the birth of their newest addition Lelind.. he is a beautiful little one and I wish all of you the best.