Long time no post

Well, first I apologize it has been a while since posting, things have suddenly gotten very hectic. I hate to see what things are like when I go back to work. Things are going well, Phil is finally starting to get this eating thing straight, and I may actually be able to pump enough to get ahead so he can have pumped milk before I go back to work. Sean is doing great, other than not wanting to listen at T-Ball. He has been nominated as his class’s representative for the IWA Harvest King festival, which means we are placing jars around to collect donations, each dollar donated equals a vote, and he will get to ride in the homecoming parade Oct 12 and the crowning ceremony is Oct 20 during the Harvest festival.

I am doing well, my incision was starting to get infected, but with wonderful antibiotics, it is now much better. I actually get to go 4 whole weeks without having to go to the OB office.. how great that feels.

Phillip is now 2 weeks old, and is down to 7 pounds and 1 ounce, but he is doing well, and with finally figuring out this whole nursing thing I think he is finally going to start gaining.

Phil had his 2 week pictures taken yesterday and you can view them by going to Aunt Dee Dee’s photography site, www.photgraphybydd.com

He wasn’t too excited and would rather eat than take pictures, but we got a few very cute ones.

OK, I am off to grab a shower and head out to put out jars for folks to vote for Sean for Harvest King… I will post more later.


One response to “Long time no post

  1. I love the pictures…and you know I expect one since he’s my baby too and all…I’ll let you know which is my favorite haha!

    Glad everything is going well and I really can’t believe that he’s already 2 weeks old.

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