Oh what a night

Well, after a few hours home from the hospital on Tuesday, I had a headache that would not go away with tylenol and was feeling nauseous, and when I called the doc, well, he said go back. I went back to the hospital and the doctor had them give me tylenol with codeine for the headache, and kept monitoring me. I was still having contractions, though still nothing regular yet. Around 11:00, the doctor gave me the option of spending the night in the hospital or going home, I figured that I would be more comfy at home, so I left and came home and with a little help was able to sleep through the night. I have an appointment this afternoon for an ultrasound, and have to drop off another 24 hour capture to turn in and have some more blood work done. Sooo, I will try to keep everyone updated.

On another note.. even though the stinker is in Alaska.. we would like to wish Aunt Dee Dee a very Happy Birthday….


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