Another week..5 more appointments

Well, I had my regular non stress test appointment this morning, as well as a regular 38 week exam. They did an internal exam and I am dilated 1 cm, but could stay that way for any amount of time. I was +2 on my protein today, so they did another non stress test where Phil’s heart rate is good, but is not fluctuating like they would like. So off to the hospital again we went… for a prolonged stress test. At the hospital they did more bloodwork, which came back slightly higher than last week, but not high enough to keep me there. Even the nurses know me by first name and are bugging the doctor as to why he hasn’t delivered this little one yet. So I have another 24 hour capture to do to turn in tomorrow afternoon. I also have an ultrasound for tomorrow afternoon, and then have to go back Thursday to discuss my test results.

But anyway, my bp is really rising when I am not laying on my left side, so I am going to go lay down and see if my contractions keep up. The doctor said that they were definitely happening and doing something, so maybe Phil will set his own birthdate before the scheduled c-section.. we will see.


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