Labor Day

Oh how I wish it really was Labor day 🙂 Well things are still the same, I can feel my blood pressure getting worse, but as long I lay down I feel ok, which is hard. I did have one outing this weekend, I took Sean to my mom’s house so he could play with my nieces and nephews while I got a change of scenery laying on her couch and swing. The drive was a little taxing, but it went ok. Sean and Thomas have left for the day to go to Busch Gardens, so that Sean can ride the ferry and ride the train. I think they will have a great time, and it is nice to have some quiet, although I would really love to snuggle with Sean all day, I don’t think he would go for it.

I go back to the doc at 8:30 in the morning to have yet another non stress test, then on Wednesday I have another ultrasound to measure how big Phil is getting. Then we will go from there.

Well, I have one task today, to get all of the laundry that my husband washed yesterday folded.. If I fold it, he will carry it upstairs for me. In my current state, I try to limit myself to going upstairs only once or twice a day.

Well, Spaceballs is on Comedy Central today, so I am going to go be a geek and reminisce about being in 5th grade and seeing it for the first time… Soooo, say prayers for contractions and that Phil will decide to come today or tomorrow on his own:) or at least pray he will stop headbutting my rib cage.. I am going to go find something yummy to eat.. my blood sugar is finally getting under control so I am able to figure out what I can have easier…. I hope everyone has a fabulous Labor day and will update tomorrow when I can.


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