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Long time no post

Well, first I apologize it has been a while since posting, things have suddenly gotten very hectic. I hate to see what things are like when I go back to work. Things are going well, Phil is finally starting to get this eating thing straight, and I may actually be able to pump enough to get ahead so he can have pumped milk before I go back to work. Sean is doing great, other than not wanting to listen at T-Ball. He has been nominated as his class’s representative for the IWA Harvest King festival, which means we are placing jars around to collect donations, each dollar donated equals a vote, and he will get to ride in the homecoming parade Oct 12 and the crowning ceremony is Oct 20 during the Harvest festival.

I am doing well, my incision was starting to get infected, but with wonderful antibiotics, it is now much better. I actually get to go 4 whole weeks without having to go to the OB office.. how great that feels.

Phillip is now 2 weeks old, and is down to 7 pounds and 1 ounce, but he is doing well, and with finally figuring out this whole nursing thing I think he is finally going to start gaining.

Phil had his 2 week pictures taken yesterday and you can view them by going to Aunt Dee Dee’s photography site,

He wasn’t too excited and would rather eat than take pictures, but we got a few very cute ones.

OK, I am off to grab a shower and head out to put out jars for folks to vote for Sean for Harvest King… I will post more later.



Well, after 4 days home, we are doing well, we are getting into somewhat of a routine, luckily Phil has his days and nights straight, and nursing is going well. Phil went to the pediatrician yesterday and is down to 7 pounds and 4 ounces, but the ped says that is normal. They did check his blood sugar at his appt and it was 90 which is great.

Sean is doing well, but we are having a hard time with the fact that he is not wanting to leave Phil anytime. I think it is great that he loves his little brother soo very much, but it is hard because he has his own stuff he needs to do and he can’t just sit beside the crib and look at Phil all day. Tomorrow will be the test, Thomas goes back to work so I will have morning duty all by myself to get Sean ready for school. Hopefully it will go well, since Phil tends to eat between 5 and 7, and Sean wakes up at 7. Then Phil is usually sleeping till 8:30… I am hoping it will all work out. Phil is such a laid back baby so far that I can’t get over it.

OK, I am going to go take a nap while Thomas and Phil hang out, but should be back online shortly.

Day three

Well, after 3 days home, things are going well. Phil really is a very laid back little one, and is doing a ton of sleeping right now, which I am sure will change. Sean and Thomas had a wonderful time in DC Saturday night but were both excited to get home and spend time with Phil. I had tons of company while they were gone and appreciate everyone that has come by and helped us welcome our little one. My recovery is going slow, but steady… I go to the doctor Thursday to have my staple removed, and Phil goes Monday for his first appt. Ok, the little one is waking up, so let me go feed him and I will write more later.

New pics of Baby Phil

Here are some more pics of Phil once he got out of the nursery.

More pics of Baby Phil

Pics of the baby stinky

These may be a little graphic, they were taking at the time of birth and have naked baby in them, just a warning.. Baby Phil Pics

He’s Here

First, let me apologize for the delay in posting this. The free wireless internet at the hospital blocks photo sites and blogs. Phillip Alan Eanes made his way into the world with a bang by c-section Monday September 10, 2007 at 9:22 AM. He weighed in at 7 pounds and 12 ounces and 21 and 3/4 inches long. He has a head full of hair and just seems so small compared to Sean. His blood sugar had dropped to 11 (VERY LOW), so he had to go on an IV for fluids. I was not allowed to get out of bed for the first 12 hours, so it was late Monday night when I finally got to see him. (As long as the baby has an IV, he cannot leave the nursery.) Tuesday morning I was finally able to attempt walking around and could again go down to see him. His blood sugar was still low, so the IV had to stay in. On Wednesday, the doctor decided that my blood pressure the night before was up a little, so I had to stay until Thursday. Thursday night they let me have a “courtesy” room since Phil was still unable to be discharged. It wasn’t until Thursday night that his insulin finally kicked in to stop working overtime and his blood sugar started to come under control. After a very long week, we are finally home Friday afternoon, and doing well. Because of Phil’s blood sugar, and the IV, he was very sluggish for eating so nursing is going slow, but I am pumping so he is getting bottled breast milk and formula at the present moment. Thursday night at the hosptial, it was the first night that Phil got to spend out of the nursery so he was able to nurse some, so it is getting better.

Well, now that I have spent a week in the hospital, there is a lot to catch up on here at the house with a new little one, who is about to wake up. I will post the link to pictures soon.

One last thing, Sean is so very much in love with his little brother that it makes my heart smile when I see them together. He is such a great big brother. And Thomas has been the best having to deal with being a single dad to an upset 5 year old (frustrated because he was not allowed in the nursery to see his brother) and to an emotional mom… How lucky and blessed I am to have him.

Yet another appointment

Well, just a quick update today, I had a doctor’s appt with the perinatologist, and everything looks great, so we are just waiting for Phil to decide it is time, or for our scheduled date, whichever comes first. I am feeling good today, so I may be trying to get some cleaning done, but we will see.