What’s up Doc?

Well apparently, my blood pressure, among other things. I went today thinking that everything was going to be fine, set a c-section date and I would continue to hang around and wait for my c-section. Well, boy was I wrong, I had a 40 minute non stress test, which showed Phil is doing well, and I am having contractions, some I feel, some I don’t. However, my BP was still up and now there was a +1 protein in my urine, soooo, they sent me to the hospital to be monitored for a while, so after 2 hours on the monitor, Phil looked good, my bp is up, and they started another 24 hour urine capture. I was sent home, now on strict bedrest, I can get up to go potty, get food, or go to the doctor, and that is it. I have to go drop off the capture tomorrow, have a follow up appt Thursday, and back to the high risk doc again on Friday.

On the sadder side, I will not be able to take Sean to school on his first day of kindergarten.. I am VERY sad about this. It was the one thing I was hoping Phil would hold out for.. but I will be sending him with daddy, and with orders to take tons of pictures.. Ok, I am off to take another nap.. I am starting to feel the toll this is taking on me… I am just hoping to make it to Thursday… Tomorrow night Aunt Debbie and Kayla are going to come by and bring dinner to celebrate Sean’s first day of kindergarten and Kayla making the JJV volleyball team.

Ok, I am going to go take another nap… I am having contractions that are not very much fun… I don’t think they are much, just enough to be annoying.. but I will keep everyone updated if they turn into something more 🙂


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