Bring on the games

Well, I had a baby shower this afternoon, mostly family, but completely wonderful. It always amazes how great a family and support system I have from both mine and Thomas’s family. I must say it was a wonderful surprise and completely wonderful to have Susan and Joy come and that I really appreciate everyone that came. We had a lot of fun, and Kimmer did a fantastic job planning the shower games… most of which I had not played before and that were a lot of fun. Baby Phil got a lot of new stuff courtesy of such wonderful ladies. He even got a Halloween outfit from Aunt Debbie. There is also no way to realize how exactly big your stomach is until you have someone measure it with toilet paper.

Well, I guess now we are just playing the waiting game. I am really hoping that this Tuesday we will go ahead and set a date for this little one to get here. Tomorrow (Monday), I am planning to take it nice and easy and then discuss everything with my doc on Tuesday. Sean has his open house for kindergarten to get to meet his teacher, and then Tuesday night we have our first T-Ball practice. Then Wednesday is K-Day.. Sean’s first day of kindergarten. We are going to take Sean out to breakfast and then to school, and hope to get a lot of great pictures of such a great day.

Ok, getting out of the house has really worn me out today, so I am going to go get some rest, but I will update soon.


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