Wow… what a big kid

Well, I had an appointment with the high risk doctor this morning. Everything looks good, my blood sugar numbers are finally on track, so no change in my medication this week. The fluid looks good around the baby, however he is now measuring at about 41 weeks.. that puts him measuring almost 5 full weeks ahead. However this is just based on fundul height (measuring the outside of my stomache) This measurement is not very accurate, and can change based on the baby’s position. If he is still measuring this large on Tuesday, I am going to try and push for my c-section for next week.. If not, then it will probably be September. On a plus note, I got to spend a whole day out of the house. A good friend of mine was keeping Sean while I was at the doctor, and thanks to her hospitality and my inability to shut up, after my appt I hung out at her house while Sean played with her daughter. If was such a nice way to spend the afternoon, and somehow, she always manages to make me smile and feel better.

Other than the baby measuring ahead, everything looks good, they didn’t even make me lay on my left side for my bp.. I am thinking that is the signal of the calm before the storm.. I have actually felt great all day, soooo I guess we will see. I will definitely be keeping everyone updated. I have a baby shower with family Sunday and am really excited because I get to have a spoonful of my sister’s sausage dip, and a piece of cake… (WOW.. I can’t remember the last time I got to have real sugar) I also made a pit stop on the way home from my appt today to pay Sean’s tuition and met his teacher in case I can’t make the Open House Monday night. I am VERY excited for him to have this teacher and think he is going to have a great time in her class.

OK, enough random rambling for today, I am going to head out and take a nap.. I got to have a salad and my wings for dinner, so I really need to lay down for a while.. (Full tummy = naptime) So, I will post probably Sunday night after my shower, and if not, then you guys will know it really was the calm before the storm 😉


2 responses to “Wow… what a big kid

  1. I am very excited about your shower…got all the stuff tonight…it’s going to be a good time…don’t know if you’re going to be able to handle all the excitement without going into labor…

    But my feelings won’t be hurt AT ALL if Phil decides to make a surprise appearance before then…

    But if not, I’m pulling for a next week c-section…

    Do I need to come over and have another chat with Mr. Phil?


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