Using my outside imagination

Well, I finally got the call this morning from the doc’s office that I was supposed to get 2 days ago, and all of my labs look good for now, my platelet count is still up. So, I am to stay on rest and hang in there. I go to the high risk doctor tomorrow in Newport News for a non stress test and basic monitoring. The good news is now that they have upped my glyburide dosage for the gestational diabetes, my numbers all seem to be doing well, so maybe they won’t change anything this time. After that I will be going back to the regular OB in Suffolk on Tuesday, which means I get to go to my shower this weekend, and I can try to go to Sean’s open house for kindergarten Monday night. Sean has his first T-Ball practice Tuesday night, and Thomas is the head coach this season, so it should be interesting. Sean is actually excited about playing T-ball and is getting pretty good at his throwing. Next Wednesday Sean will have his first day of kindergarten. And after that Phil can come anytime he wants.. I would prefer an August baby, but it looks like we may make it into September. I finally washed what clothes I have for Phil yesterday, so I am starting to calm down some getting ready, and Sean and I have talked about how the doctor is going to have to cut mommy’s tummy open to get Phil out, so mommy and Phil will have to stay in the hospital for a few days… so he is excited to be having a Boys Only house for a few days. And he has already made his request to get to rock Phil to sleep.. I am so blessed to have such a kind hearted little man.. he has been so great since I have been on bedrest, helping me out and taking care of me. Well, I have to get back to work now, but I will update more later. Again, thanks to everyone for your prayers, they truly are helping, and as ready as I am to get Phil in here, the longer he cooks, the better off he is, so we will wait.. next Tuesday will be 37 weeks, so anytime after that the doctor is ok with getting him here, but would prefer to wait till 38.

My one Sean funny for today is that he has decided that the day Phil comes he and daddy need to go to the farm and take flashlights so they can see the cows sleeping in the dark. I have no idea where this kid comes up with these things. Yesterday he asked me if he could use his outside imagination instead of his upstairs one… He is just too much fun.


2 responses to “Using my outside imagination

  1. Hook a sister up with a date girrrrl! Haha, glad everything’s going so well…and I’m still pulling for an August baby, fyi! There’s still 9 days left, so there’s still hope 🙂

  2. Hope you are doing well–Louise & Bill in Florida

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