Well, hopefully as things progress over the next short while, this blog will let our friends and family keep up with what is going on with Sean and Phil, as well as Thomas and myself.. and hopefully provide me with some sort of outlet and something to do while I am on bedrest.

To start, my name is Anna. I live in southeastern Virginia with my husband, our son Sean, and our soon to be son Phil (I am due with our second son Sept 18, however, it appears he will be here before then.

First off, let me get my complaining out of the way.. I am 2 days shy of being 36 weeks pregnant… I am on bedrest for my blood pressure starting to rise (pregnancy induced hypertension or PIH), I have gestational diabetes, and on top of all of that my baby is breach.. and I have a 10 cm fybroid that makes it too risky for them to try and turn him, or for him to turn himself around. My OB is looking into doing a scheduled c-section after I make it to 37 weeks. While my husband and I will know the exact day, we have decided not to let anyone else in on it so that they won’t be sitting around the hospital just waiting, plus we will get to have a few precious moments just us after my surgery. The only person who will know is my dear friend and cousin, Kimberly who will be helping out with Sean while we are at the hospital. Speaking of Sean.. I will be 37 weeks the week he is scheduled to start kindergarten, so hopefully the doc will let me schedule around that.

I am very excited to start this and hope to use it to keep everyone updated as my pregnancy progresses, and as our life goes on. Thank you everyone for your interest and for your prayers as we await Phil’s arrival.


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