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Still hanging in there

Well, I had another non stress test at the high risk doc today, and all looks good. My bp went down on my left side, and other than Phil being sleepy (They had to use the shocky thing to get him wiggling around) everything looks good. We are still on track and I will be going back next Friday for another stress test. They want me to have another ultra sound in the next week just to get a measure on how big Phil is, but other than that we are just waiting around. I am hoping to sneak out tonight to ride the wheel chair around Walmart for a VERY short shopping trip.. I just want to get the last remaining things for the diaper bag… not much left to get, but I am so tired of being cooped up… and now that I am not spilling protein, I am back to take it easy instead of very strict bedrest.. but we will see, Thomas and Sean want to go to the baseball game to celebrate his first week of kindergarten (they are having fireworks tonight) so we may not have time.

Anyway, I am going to go take a nap before the stinky boy gets home from school. Hope everyone is having a great day.



Well, after the drama from my appt on Tuesday, everything today looked like it was getting back to normal, or as normal as can be for me. My blood pressure is still up and I still am not feeling well, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have a date, however, that date will be kept to only 3 people, Thomas, Kimberly and myself… sorry, but it is the only surprise we get with this little one, so no one will know until he is here and I have had some time to recover from the surgery. Kimberly gets to know because she is going to come over and get Sean on the bus for school that day. There was no protein today, and my 24 hour test showed no protein, so we are still just dealing with blood pressure. Of course the date is not set in stone, now that I am past 37 weeks Phil can come on his own at any time.

On another note, Sean is settling into kindergarten wonderfully and loves his class. he had computer class and PE today and was a little sad because they ran out of time before he got picked for duck duck goose, but other than that he was fine. He is really enjoying school so far, and enjoying riding the bus. I am sure he will miss riding the bus home once I go back to work.

Ok, the boys are getting ready to go pick Kayla up from practice and then to Chicken Nugget and Play for dinner, so I am going to go take a nap and then see what I can do to get things going.


Well, it happened… my baby is officially a kindergartner… Sean started kindergarten this morning, and although I was unable to go take him to school, Thomas managed to get a few good pictures for me. Please ignore the fact that I look like I have swallowed a basketball and a watermelon, but oh well… it is well worth it :)…

Sean’s first day of kindergarten

What’s up Doc?

Well apparently, my blood pressure, among other things. I went today thinking that everything was going to be fine, set a c-section date and I would continue to hang around and wait for my c-section. Well, boy was I wrong, I had a 40 minute non stress test, which showed Phil is doing well, and I am having contractions, some I feel, some I don’t. However, my BP was still up and now there was a +1 protein in my urine, soooo, they sent me to the hospital to be monitored for a while, so after 2 hours on the monitor, Phil looked good, my bp is up, and they started another 24 hour urine capture. I was sent home, now on strict bedrest, I can get up to go potty, get food, or go to the doctor, and that is it. I have to go drop off the capture tomorrow, have a follow up appt Thursday, and back to the high risk doc again on Friday.

On the sadder side, I will not be able to take Sean to school on his first day of kindergarten.. I am VERY sad about this. It was the one thing I was hoping Phil would hold out for.. but I will be sending him with daddy, and with orders to take tons of pictures.. Ok, I am off to take another nap.. I am starting to feel the toll this is taking on me… I am just hoping to make it to Thursday… Tomorrow night Aunt Debbie and Kayla are going to come by and bring dinner to celebrate Sean’s first day of kindergarten and Kayla making the JJV volleyball team.

Ok, I am going to go take another nap… I am having contractions that are not very much fun… I don’t think they are much, just enough to be annoying.. but I will keep everyone updated if they turn into something more 🙂


Just wanted to share the pictures from the baby shower yesterday.. Thanks to Aunt Kay for taking over the photographer duties..

Baby Shower Pics

Bring on the games

Well, I had a baby shower this afternoon, mostly family, but completely wonderful. It always amazes how great a family and support system I have from both mine and Thomas’s family. I must say it was a wonderful surprise and completely wonderful to have Susan and Joy come and that I really appreciate everyone that came. We had a lot of fun, and Kimmer did a fantastic job planning the shower games… most of which I had not played before and that were a lot of fun. Baby Phil got a lot of new stuff courtesy of such wonderful ladies. He even got a Halloween outfit from Aunt Debbie. There is also no way to realize how exactly big your stomach is until you have someone measure it with toilet paper.

Well, I guess now we are just playing the waiting game. I am really hoping that this Tuesday we will go ahead and set a date for this little one to get here. Tomorrow (Monday), I am planning to take it nice and easy and then discuss everything with my doc on Tuesday. Sean has his open house for kindergarten to get to meet his teacher, and then Tuesday night we have our first T-Ball practice. Then Wednesday is K-Day.. Sean’s first day of kindergarten. We are going to take Sean out to breakfast and then to school, and hope to get a lot of great pictures of such a great day.

Ok, getting out of the house has really worn me out today, so I am going to go get some rest, but I will update soon.

Wow… what a big kid

Well, I had an appointment with the high risk doctor this morning. Everything looks good, my blood sugar numbers are finally on track, so no change in my medication this week. The fluid looks good around the baby, however he is now measuring at about 41 weeks.. that puts him measuring almost 5 full weeks ahead. However this is just based on fundul height (measuring the outside of my stomache) This measurement is not very accurate, and can change based on the baby’s position. If he is still measuring this large on Tuesday, I am going to try and push for my c-section for next week.. If not, then it will probably be September. On a plus note, I got to spend a whole day out of the house. A good friend of mine was keeping Sean while I was at the doctor, and thanks to her hospitality and my inability to shut up, after my appt I hung out at her house while Sean played with her daughter. If was such a nice way to spend the afternoon, and somehow, she always manages to make me smile and feel better.

Other than the baby measuring ahead, everything looks good, they didn’t even make me lay on my left side for my bp.. I am thinking that is the signal of the calm before the storm.. I have actually felt great all day, soooo I guess we will see. I will definitely be keeping everyone updated. I have a baby shower with family Sunday and am really excited because I get to have a spoonful of my sister’s sausage dip, and a piece of cake… (WOW.. I can’t remember the last time I got to have real sugar) I also made a pit stop on the way home from my appt today to pay Sean’s tuition and met his teacher in case I can’t make the Open House Monday night. I am VERY excited for him to have this teacher and think he is going to have a great time in her class.

OK, enough random rambling for today, I am going to head out and take a nap.. I got to have a salad and my wings for dinner, so I really need to lay down for a while.. (Full tummy = naptime) So, I will post probably Sunday night after my shower, and if not, then you guys will know it really was the calm before the storm 😉